Construction sites in Vancouver, Washington and nationwide can be very dangerous, for those working at the site and non-workers who may be nearby or passing through. Large equipment, low visibility, holes, dangerous chemicals and heavy loads increase the risk for catastrophic and devastating injuries.

Construction workers who are injured while on the job are covered by workers' compensation laws. All other non-employee individuals who may be hurt at a construction site, however, are left to civil suit to recover damages from the construction company and those involved. This includes third-party workers and contractors that are not directly employed by the company.

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At The Phelan Law Office in Vancouver, Washington, we offer the most comprehensive and thorough representation possible. We aggressively pursue the construction and insurance companies that may owe you compensation for your pain, suffering and medical bills, and wage loss. These injuries are often overwhelming and can be life-altering, including broken bones, back injuries, head trauma and soft tissue injuries, and can possibly result in disability or even death.

As you face the challenge of healing and recovery, allow us to carry the legal burden and fight for you. We will keep you informed of the developments in the case as each step progresses, doing the hard work of holding responsible parties accountable for the pain they have caused you.

Few firms in Vancouver are truly equipped to handle many of the complexities that arise in cases involving construction sites, such as the involvement of workers' compensation and premises liability issues. Backed by the more than 32 years of experience of our lead trial attorney, Thomas C. Phelan, we are able to overcome all circumstances and fight for the maximum financial compensation.

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We accept all personal injury matters on a contingency fee basis, not accepting a fee unless you are awarded.

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