At The Phelan Law Office, we have aggressively advocated on behalf of hundreds of juveniles who have been charged with criminal offenses. The juvenile system is significantly different from the adult criminal justice system.

It is important that you have representation that is experienced with the juvenile system and capable of working effectively with prosecutors and judges. This will ensure not only that the case moves forward as efficiently as possible, but also that your child will be provided the best outcome possible.

Vancouver And Portland Juvenile Court Lawyer

At The Phelan Law Office, we are experienced in handling juvenile cases, working with families, prosecutors and judges to ensure that the matter is handled appropriately. We understand the significant impact a juvenile charge can have on a minor's childhood and his or her future. We are committed to advocating for juveniles, and we work to ensure that the child's future is not permanently altered by the criminal charges.

These charges can include theft, robbery, drug chargessex offenses, underage drinking/minor in possession, shoplifting, assault, truancy, vandalism and other youthful indiscretions.

Just as we are well known and respected in the adult criminal justice system, we are regarded for our work in the juvenile system and our representation of hundreds of juveniles. We work effectively with judges and prosecutors to make a case for the youth and efficiently reach resolutions that will minimally impact the child's life and education.

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