Most people carry insurance policies for the moment when accident strikes. The policy is intended to protect you when the least expected happens, from car accidents to medical injuries to disasters at home. Others around you are also expected to carry insurance to compensate you should they be responsible for your pain.

If you were in a personal injury accident in Vancouver, Washington or any where in the nation, the insurance company — even your own — may or may not be on your side. Insurance companies make a profit by maximizing premiums and minimizing what is paid to the policyholder when disaster strikes.

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Following an accident, you may deal with a very pleasant insurance adjuster and customer service representative. However, you need to keep in mind that these people are experienced and trained to try and give you the least amount of money possible.  They will never tell you the true value of your claim. Because of this, you need experienced and aggressive legal representation to insure you are paid what you deserve and to which you are legally entitled.

When the insurance companies refuse to pay you what you are entitled to, you need staunch representation on your side that is equipped to confront the company and fight to recover maximum financial compensation.

At The Phelan Law Office in Vancouver, Washington, we have more than 32 years of experience getting results for our clients in all types of insurance claims. We know the law and the measure that insurance companies will take to avoid paying the proper compensation. We will aggressively confront these tactics and advocate to ensure that you are paid what you deserve.

We are highly successful in recovering maximum settlements. Should the matter go to court, however, you can trust the widely respected experience and skill of our trial attorneys.

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We take all personal injury matters on a contingency fee basis, not accepting a fee unless you are awarded.

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